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Here are Top 10 simple tips you

can use to prevent all

computer-related Repetitive Strain Injuries


Position – Try to sit straight

on chair, see tip 1 for details*

Breaks – Take breaks after

every 30 minutes of computer work*

Posture – Keep your

posture right, see tip 3 for details*

Chair – Have a good solid

work chair which helps your spine

be in right position, see tip 4 for

example of work chair*

Move a Bit – Standup and move

your body a bit after 1 or 2 hours of sitting*

Keyboard – Have backlit (keys

glow in dark) keyboard, see tip 6 for example*

Mouse – Thumb Track ball mouse are

very good to eliminate the pain in hand

completely, see tip 7 for example of track ball mouse*

Habits – Develop good habits to drink

water and eat right food to make your

body and mind work better/stronger*

Light in the room – Keep light in your

room the way so it does not shine on your monitor*

Doctor Checkup – Have a yearly visit to

your doctor for eyes checkup and more*



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