Abdominal Exercises چاپ
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To be most effective, abdominal exercises should include focus on working the following muscles
 The abdominal muscles
The lower abdominal muscles

Pelvic Tilt-Lie on floor with knees bent, feet parallel and arms to the side

  Tighten lower abdominal muscles, pulling the navel and lower back toward the floor, without using buttocks or leg muscles
  Hold for 5 seconds
  5-10 repetitions


Trunk Curl-Lie on floor with knees bent and arms crossed on the chest

  Using upper abdominal muscles, raise trunk of body off the floor slightly, to about 15 degrees
  Hold 5 seconds
  Lower trunk slowly to the floor.

To be effective, motion should raise the chest, rather than the head or neck, and only be only a slight lift. Rising too far, to a sitting position, works leg muscles not the abdominals


Water Exercise/Leg Lifts-Stand in the pool next to the side wall with one hand on the edge

  Raise one straight leg slowly to the front
  Lower slowly to the starting position
  5 repetitions per leg


Exercise Ball/Sit-ups-Sit on the exercise ball with back in neutral position, feet flat on floor and arms straight overhead

  Lean back, flexing at hips, and pointing toes to ground
  Hold for 5 seconds
  Sit up slowly, setting heels back on the ground
  5-10 repetitions



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