A real and painful nightmare , A back herniated disc surgical operation چاپ
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پنجشنبه, 20 دی 1386 ساعت 18:23
This patient was a stay-at-home man for 2 years
He suffered from severe and frustrating pain in his sciatic nerve  for a year. Led to wrong and unessential remedies by a number of profiteers' advertisements, he called on me in my office in such a manner that he was not able to it on a chair. He was groaning and being twisted by the pain all the time. After observing the check-up results and performing the emergency diagnosis measures, it was clear that there was a herniated disc between vertebras. He was operated as soon as possible. The patient's condition, a day before and after the surgical operation, is shown in the images above and on the corner


 to all of my friend's


The most surprising point in the next images is that he brought another man to my office, affected with a serious vertebra disc hernia, and long term frustrating sciatic pain, to have the most suitable remedy and cure.
The last images were taken from the second patient 15 days after his surgical operation. Both of them have been living in good health like normal people ever since


Translated by : Akasha Dhaboosi

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